Myofascial Release


What To Expect

Starting Out
Come to the session dressed comfortably in loose fitting clothing (shorts, sports bra, tank top, etc.). We will start with a discussion about your medical history including your reason for treatment. An individualized treatment regimen will be created for you. It will address your specific needs and objectives and ensure that you are treated in a respectful, caring and comprehensive way.

During every visit we will discuss how you are feeling and the results of the prior treatment. We will discuss new self treatment techniques and stretches to do at home as needed to maximize results.

During Treatment
Myofascial Release Therapy involves applying gentle constant pressure to targeted areas of the body. This brings heat and blood flow to the area which allows the muscle to relax and the fascial restrictions to be released. This allows the body's inherent ability for self correction to return, thus eliminating pain, restoring function and increasing flexibility.

You will be guided into basic deep breathing to aid in relaxation of your mind and physical body. This allows treatment to be more effective. It is normal to feel sensations in other areas of your body as one area is being treated.

Your body may feel the urge to move during treatment. Allow any spontaneous motion to occur. I will protect and guide you through the motion. It is your own inherent self-correcting mechanism-the wisdom of your body.

After Treatment
Your body is undergoing profound changes. The release process will continue for days after the treatment. Drink plenty of water after your therapy session to rinse out toxins and maximize the healing effects of the therapy.