Myofascial Release



I moved back to NJ a few years ago from California where I had become pretty knowledgeable about holistic medicine. I had fairly constant pain in my neck and tingling down my right arm. I was sent by my medical doctor for an MRI which showed herniations in the cervical spine. I then went for 5 weeks worth of disc decompression and chiropractic adjustments. After 5 weeks the pain had subsided a little but always came back after a few days. I then started seeing Lauren for "myofascial release" sessions once a week and after about 3 or 4 sessions, along with regular chiropractic adjustments my pain and tingling down my arm had just about completely went away. I couldn't believe how I felt after Lauren's treatment.. not only did my neck pain go away.. I felt so relaxed and at ease in every other part of my body as well! I really believe this was the magic bullet in helping me with my pain. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone and everyone who wants to feel great, decrease pain, and function at their best to go see Lauren. Im so grateful for having met her and for experiencing this myofascial release. Thank you Lauren!

Susan Spector
Writer, Author
Monmouth Beach, NJ


I have known Lauren both personally and professionally for 10 years. On a personal note, she is kind and compassionate as you would expect any nurse to be.. always goes the extra mile, listens with intent and opens her heart to those around her. This is part of what makes her treatments great. She is truly dedicated to the well being of others. On a professional note, her years of experience as a registered nurse reflect in her myofascial treatments. I believe she is very intuitive and gifted at myofascial release as I have been receiving treatments by Lauren for a year and a half. Her kinesthetic abilities are amazing and I will continue to recommend my patients to her.

John Albaneze
Queens, NY


I have been seeing Lauren as a myofascial therapist for about two years now. As a dentist for 20 years, I have developed some mid thoracic, cervical and shoulder issues from the repetative holding patterns with my work. I have had two shoulder surgeries which gave me temporary relief. Ever since Lauren's myofascial treatments my issues of pain have nearly disappeared! and the improvement of my posture is astounding! I look forward to seeing Lauren and getting my myofascial release session, especially after a long week at the office. I love her! and you will too!

Steven Greco
Toms River, NJ