Myofascial Release

Lauren DeLuca

Lauren DeLuca Bio

My experience with Myofascial Release has been both personal and profound. I started my career as a registered nurse over 20 years ago. After my training at St. Vincent’s Hospital School of Nursing in New York City I started work at Lenox Hill Hospital as a dialysis nurse. I continued in a number of nursing positions including ICU, CCU, Medical/Surgical and I.V. Home Care.

Around 1999 I started having low back pain due to bulging disks in the lumbar spine. I tried many different modalities to relieve the pain but the relief was always temporary. The pain made it difficult to stand, sit or walk for any length of time. It wasn’t until I found a Myofascial Release Therapist and went for regular treatments for a few months that I started to live truly pain free. My therapist told me that these “restrictions” needed to be released in order for the body to get back into alignment and for its natural structure to be restored.

I’ve had some setbacks along the way but my days of being pain free are the norm and not the exception now. First hand, I saw that it was Myofascial Release that helped me to become free of all the restrictions that were causing my pain and led to my feeling much better. As a result of my overwhelmingly positive experience with MFR, I decided to specialize in administering Myofascial Release Therapy.

I have now been treating people since 2009 with many seeing astounding results. I am truly grateful that my life has led me on this path, to assist others in their healing journey with compassion. Each person is different; therefore, each treatment will be unique and individualized. My experiences as a nurse working in acute care settings have been invaluable in preparing me to be a Myofascial Release Therapist. And my experience as a Myofascial Release Therapist has been invaluable in truly knowing, understanding, and absorbing the true meaning of “healing”.

Professional Experience

2011 to Present; Myofascial Release Therapy Center, Sea Girt and Millburn, NJ
  • Myofascial Release Therapist and Founder - Leveraging my lifelong healthcare experiences to provide dedicated and personalized Myofascial Release Therapy to the public.

2010-2011; Atlantic Medicine and Wellness, Wall Township, NJ
  • Myofascial Release Therapist - Worked as part of a team providing Myofascial Release Therapy services in conjuncion with physical therapy, chiropractors, medical doctors, nutritionist, and accupuncture.

1991 to Present; Acute Care Registered Nurse, New York & New Jersey
  • Acute dialysis - Riverview Medical Center, Red Bank, NJ
  • High Tech Intravenous Home Care - PHI Professional Home Infusion, Little Silver, NJ
  • Out Patient and Acute Dialysis - Barnabas Health Care System, St Barnabas Hospital, Livingston, NJ
  • Acute Dialysis - Beth Isreal Hospital, Newark NJ
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU)/Critical Care Unit (CCU) - Valley Hospital, Ridgewood, NJ
  • Assistant Nurse Coodinator-Dialysis, Cardiac Care Unit - Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, NY

Formal Training

St. Vincents Medical Center School of Nursing, New York, NY
  • Registered Nurse Program

Myofascial Release Seminars (Studying under John F. Barnes)
  • Myofascial Release I
  • Myofascial Release II
  • Unwinding
  • Skill Enhancement Seminar
  • Fascial Pelvis